Wedding Services

Serenade Columbus specializes in providing elegant live string music for your wedding ceremony and reception. Live classical music will add a unique atmosphere for your family and guests. Serenade Columbus has performed at countless weddings in the greater Columbus and central Ohio areas and have experience performing for weddings of all denominations.

Why choose us?

When choosing musicians for your special day, quality and professionalism matters. All of our musicians have been classically trained and take pride in the quality of their musicianship. Should you decide to contact Serenade Columbus you will work directly with it's founding member Elina Charfas. Your questions will be answered promptly and accurately putting your mind at ease with advice, experience and attention to detail.

Our Wedding Service

We will begin playing a prelude approximately thirty minutes before the wedding is scheduled and your guests begin to arrive. A professional and special selection of music is then played during your wedding party entrance and can continue through the ceremony if requested. We will also gladly accommodate any requests for communion or candle lighting ceremonies as well. When the ceremony finishes we will continue to play for the bride and groom to recess from the altar as well as a postlude while your guests are exiting the venue.

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